Takeouts: Tiger on Hiatus, Low Mortgage Rates, Responses

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From New York Times , and
  • Sports Takeout: Now that Tiger Woods has announced his "indefinite" break from golf to tend to his deteriorating family troubles, we ask, what will golf be without Tiger? Our sports contributor, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, talks us through what the fairway phenom has done for his sport. 
  • Money Takeout: Mortgage rates are at historic lows, but relatively few homeowners are refinancing. It's not because homeowners don't want to borrow: Louise Story of The New York Times tells us why banks are turning away potential lenders.
  • Listener Takeout: Takeaway listeners had a few things to say about corporate 'greenwashing' after the first week of the Copenhagen Climate Summit, as well as the lack of South African actors in 'Invictus.'