Hilary Hahn

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In the mid-1990s violinist Hilary Hahn hit it off with Jennifer Higdon, a composer and the instructor of her 20th-century music course at the Curtis Institute of Music. Both went on to major careers and Higdon eventually wrote a concerto for Hahn. Earlier this year that piece won the Pulitzer Prize For Music.

Hahn joins us today to share some of the album of that work, and talk about her wide-ranging career that spans Schoenberg to singer-songwriter collaborations.

Hilary Hahn and Jennifer Higdon discuss their collaboration at Housing Works Bookstore Café in SoHo (126 Crosby Street between Broadway and Lafayette Street) tonight at 7 p.m. for free. For more information, visit the Housing Works Bookstore Café web site.







Today's Playlist:

1. Jennifer Higdon's Violin Concerto - II Chaconni

2. Pyotr Tchaikovsk'ys Violin Concerto in D Major - 'Allegro Moderato', 'Canzonetta', 'Andante'