Amy Ryan and Philip Seymour Hoffman on 'Jack Goes Boating'

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Most know Philip Seymour Hoffman from his memorable acting roles in "Boogie Nights," "Happiness," "Doubt," and of course, "Capote" — for which he earned an Academy Award.

But today, we see Philip Seymour Hoffman in an altogether new role: that of feature film director.

His new film, "Jack Goes Boating," is part comedy and part drama. It’s about four people battling their self doubts and working through their romantic quandaries—sometimes successfully, sometimes not.

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Hoffman not only directs the film but also stars in the title role. Amy Ryan co-stars as his love interest, Connie. Both Amy Ryan and Philip Seymour Hoffman join us in studio to talk multi-tasking, soundtracks, and what happens when you sleep with the director.