The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

As you might guess from the band's name, The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger makes songs that are ornate, fanciful, tuneful, and unusual. It's a collaborative duo featuring Sean Lennon (son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono) and his partner in life and music, Charlotte Kemp Muhl. They play multiple instruments, and sing in harmony about elegant gardens, dystopian futures, striving scientists, a smarmy impresario, and much more. Host David Garland brings them to the WNYC Studio for lively conversation and performances.

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Charlie from BC from BC Canada

The GOASTT,.... Dirty Projectors, and Fiery Furnaces are the absolute best things going in music these days...
the music I am really digging these days is all from NYC.... Id love to be able to be there and check out all this great music live also - sadly I am about as far away as can be,,,
Please keep making really great music for the sake of this world - its so important, especially now - when the the music biz has a stranglehold on music - and theyre not wasting it either,,, they have literally strangled the life out of most modern music.

May. 16 2014 06:19 PM
RUSTOM from dhaka

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Dec. 12 2012 02:11 AM
Krishna Aditya from California

Their such awesome people! Charlotte seems so modest and has such a great voice even not singing. This is a great duo! So amazing. Their music is beautiful

Jul. 01 2011 04:15 AM
Suzette Burr

I've relaxed listening to this now about six times. It is so also reminds me of some of Elliott Smith, it touches me the way his tune,

Apr. 11 2011 07:57 AM
Timothy Java

Swing by for a video and audio remix of Shroedinger's Cat!!

Feb. 24 2011 06:34 PM
Shelli from San Luis Obispo

Great interview. They are very intelligent people and their music is smart and innovative.

Sep. 29 2010 06:44 AM
Deborah from Kansas

I absolutely LOVE Sean and Charlotte! I am looking forward to their new album!

Sep. 28 2010 09:15 PM
Scott from SC

Very entertaining and very interesting, a magical combination making great music!

Sep. 23 2010 01:48 PM
Neal Hoffman from New York City

A delayed post: this show was incredible. Their music and lyrics are beautiful and thoughtful and surprising. I could listen to it over and over. And the interview was entertaining from start to finish. Thank you so much from a very satisfied WNYC Member.

Sep. 23 2010 12:48 AM

Wonderful music. Listening to Sean's thoughts about his connection to his dad through music is heart wrenching.

Sep. 21 2010 05:52 PM
Carole from New Jersey

Your hour with Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl is one of the most charming and entertaining programs of this type I have had the pleasure of hearing. All three of you seemed to be so attuned to each other ... A terrific combination of great interviewer and interviewees. If there is an award for this category of programing, I urge the management of WNYC to nominate this segment for it immediately. "Thank you" to you, David, your staff, and Sean and Charlotte.
P.S. I almost forgot to mention how much I enjoyed the music, too!

Sep. 19 2010 09:28 PM

Such love they show for each other! They truly make beautiful music together.

Sep. 19 2010 09:04 PM
Maude from park slope

I realize I am a cynical a-hole.... but these guys are making me want to vomit a little bit. Soooo in looove. bleg.
I will look at myself now.

Sep. 19 2010 08:56 PM
Marie from Mx

Listening it, right now XD

Sep. 19 2010 07:10 PM
Marie from Mexico

cant wait to hear it

Sep. 18 2010 08:59 PM
Susan Dunham from new orleans

Love your music!

Sep. 18 2010 12:03 AM

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