Farai Chideya Interviews Allen West, Tea Party Star in Florida

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WNYC partner Pop + Politics just returned from a road trip to Florida, where host Farai Chideya interviewed retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen West, a Tea Party Republican who is challenging Rep. Ron Klein (D-FL) for Florida's 22nd Congressional seat in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Here, West argues that American politics have become an almost "feudal system" and he says he wants to be a voice of the people. He also discusses border security, race in America and his thoughts about Islam, which he describes as a "totalitarian, Theocratic-political ideology, that has been imperialistic in its design."


Pop and Politics with Farai Chideya is a series of three radio specials looking at issues of race, rage, and reconciliation in the 2010 midterm elections. The programs, created by Pop and Politics, co-produced by WNYC, and distributed by American Public Media, will air on public radio stations around the country in late October and early November 2010.