Anger at Incumbents on the Last Day of Primaries

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Across the country, today’s primary elections are the final round before November’s general election. When the last seven states take to the polls, they will close this season's intra-party jockeying and complete the story of how the political narrative of “anti-incumbent anger” is really playing out in voting booths nationwide.  

Will there be further Tea Party-led upsets, the likes of which we saw in Alaska when Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski lost her primary fight with Joe Miller? Or will a new story emerge? Will voters “play it safe” by choosing the political candidates most likely to win in a general election, even if they are moderates?

For more, we speak to three political reporters following these elections. Mark Eichmann is a reporter on WHYY’s news magazine FirstJosh Rogers, political reporter for New Hampshire Public Radio; and Anna Sale, the editor of WNYC’s new political site, It's a Free Country joins us to discuss how incumbent anger is playing out in the early polling.