The 2010-11 School Year Kicks Off with Very Short Week for Students

City teachers went back to work Tuesday and spent their morning going over memos and setting up their classrooms. Students start Wednesday but then won't come back to school until the following Monday because of the Jewish holidays.

Some parents have complained about that arrangement and there are teachers who say it's hard to set expectations and make it a real school day when the students have just one day of class this week.

Some Brooklyn mothers, upset that students will only be in class for one day this week, are urging a boycott of school on Wednesday.

The mothers have started a Facebook page that says school should begin on Monday, September 13. Some parents have complained that having just one day of school this week makes it hard to find affordable childcare.

The teachers' union and the Department of Education have blamed each other for the unusual scheduling. The department says too many students already miss school and that it would be unfortunate and irresponsible for anyone to encourage a boycott tomorrow.

The Department of Education has this helpful guide for parents and students: