Voter Guide: Democratic U.S. Senate Primary

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Kirsten Gillibrand and Gail Goode

The Democratic US Senate primary will be decided between Kirsten Gillibrand and Gail Goode. Gillibrand has served in the Senate for the last two years, filling the seat vacated by Hillary Clinton when she became U.S. Secretary of State. This is the first time Goode has run for office. She is a lawyer and the deputy borough chief of trials for Brooklyn. She's also a former lawyer for the New York City Transit Authority.

Kirsten Gillibrand

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Fast Facts:

·  Born and raised in upstate New York. Both parents are attorneys, and her father was a Democratic lobbyist with ties to former Governor George Pataki and former Senator Al D’Amato.
·  Special counsel to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (Andrew Cuomo) during the Clinton Administration
·  Democratic Congresswoman 2006-2009
·  Senate Committee Assignments: Special Committee on Aging; Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry; Environment and Public Works; Foreign Relations


·  Latest Quinnipiac University poll (9/1/10) has Gillibrand dominating any of her three possible Republican challengers and shows that New York State voters approve of the job she’s doing as Senator.


·  Has 100% approval rating from the National Rifle Association
·  Voted against the Wall Street TARP bill, otherwise known as the "bank bailout" bill
·  Favors abortion rights
·  Favors the English-only movement
·  Voted to withdraw troops from Iraq

Campaign Funding and Spending:

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Fast Facts:

·  Collected the signatures of over 45,000 registered Democrats to run and emphasizes the need for free elections
·  This is the first time Goode has ever run for office. She’s using her life savings to fund her campaign


·  Strong proponent of gun control, supports Wall Street regulation, supports current immigration law, supports marriage equality
·  Supports Wall Street regulation
·  Supports current immigration law
·  Supports marriage equality 

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