#2834: Old Folk, New Folks

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Listen to some new takes on traditional folk songs for this New Sounds programs.  Hear Nico Muhly's work "The Only Tune," from his record  "Mothertongue," a collection of works which began as he tried to reconnect with the folk music of my childhood. 

Muhly recounts, "I remember my parents singing the ballad of the two sisters - one murdering the other in a river - and I remember a disjuncture between the simple beauty of the song and the intense violence of the words. I still shiver at the memory of the miller fishing the girl's body out with 'his long, long hook,' and the ensuing phrases, in which the girl's corpse is slowly turned into a fiddle, are continuously haunting."  Also, more reworkings of old folk songs, including several from The Carter Family, in renditions by Justin Adams, Carla Kihlstedt, Bill Frisell, and Joel Harrison.

PROGRAM # 2834, Music inspired by Folk Songs and The Carter Family (First aired on Monday, 8-18-08)





The Carter Family


Sow ‘Em On The Mountain [3:00]

JSP Records, available online at www.emusic.com

Justin Adams

Live, Joe’s Pub, the 2002 NY Guitar Festival

Sow ‘Em On The Mountain [3:00]

This recording not commercially available.

Carla Kihlstedt

Two Foot Yard

50 Miles [6:00]

Tzadik #7706**
www.tzadik.com *

The Carter Family


John Hardy, excerpt [2:30]

See above.

Last Forever

Trainfare Home

John Doe #24 [6:00]

Nonesuch # 79604** www.nonesuch.com *

Loman Cansler

Missouri Folk Songs

The Two Sisters, excerpt [2:00]

Smithsonian Folkways, also available at www.emusic.com

Tom Waits

Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers, and Bastards

Two Sisters [4:00]

Anti Records.

Nico Muhly


The Only Tune [15:00]

Brassland #018** www.brassland.org *

Bill Frisell

Ghost Town

Wildwood Flower, excerpt [4:30]

Nonesuch #79583** www.nonesuch.com *

Joel Harrison

Free Country

Will The Circle Be Unbroken [3:30]

ACT #9419.
www.actmusic.com *