Climate Change Skeptic Now Calls for Massive Effort to Halt Global Warming

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A new book about how to solve the looming issues of climate change will hit shelves here in the U.S. in October. It’s called “Smart Solutions to Climate Change: Comparing Costs and Benefits.” It sounds unsurprising enough, but the author, Bjørn Lomborg, is a controversial figure in the debate on climate change. He’s long been known as a climate change skeptic and has been the subject of vehement criticism for his doubts as to whether global warming is a gravely serious issue.

Rajendra Pachauri, the chairman of the UN Climate Change Panel, once compared Lomborg to Adolph Hitler. He accused Lomborg of using human beings as mere statistical data points in his analysis on climate change. The Washington Post called Lomborg’s 2007 book, “Cool It,” a “stealth attack on humanity,” while The New York Times described it as part of an emerging “pragmatic center” in the debate.

Lomborg says that he's consistently said that global warming is real and an important problem. He says that he "just [doesn't] agree with Al Gore that it will lead to the end of the world."