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Rocking the Bells, Retro, at Governor's Island

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This Saturday's Rock the Bells hip hop festival will have fans reminiscing about the battered cassette tapes of yore. The big headliners are Snoop Dogg, A Tribe Called Quest and Wu Tang Clan. To some, that's as close to a hip-hop trinity as it gets.

The real signing bonus of the pricey $99 general admission tickets may very well be that these heavy hitters will be performing some of the most iconic albums of the past few decades in their entirety. Short of resurrecting Tupak Shakur (for real this time), almost nothing promises to get ferry-hoppers more excited. In the spirit of celebrating the albums to be fêted on Saturday, we've gathered a selection of videos from a few artists performing at Rock the Bells.




#1: Snoop Doggy Dog

Complete with nearly a minute of mise-en-scene dedicated to "dog" vs."Dogg" puns, it's easy to see why the video for "Doggystyle" is a classic in its own right. Fans Saturday will be making the face you see at 0:55 in the video when they watch Snoop Doggy Dog perform Doggystyle in its entirety.


#2: A Tribe Called Quest

Grab your favorite windbreaker, it's time to go back to 1993. The Jamaica, Queens group A Tribe Called Quest gets it so right with the video for "Oh My God," before Brooklyn's Busta Rhymes comes along and it's just...Omigod. Tribe will perform its album Midnight Marauders in its entirety on Saturday—lightweight zippered outerwear encouraged.


#3: Lauryn Hill

Miraculously, New Jersey's Lauryn Hill doesn't have to tweet or really write any new music to maintain her fanbase. Her performance at Los Angeles' Rock the Bells concert last week had critics and fans doing their own tweeting about a possible comeback. Hill is billed to perform Saturday, but for those without a benjamin lying around, this performance at the 1999 Grammy Awards perfectly sums up how sweet a comeback might be.