Living on the Edge in Rio de Janeiro

Monday, August 30, 2010

Janice Perlman's 1969 book The Myth of Marginality was the first in-depth account of life in Rio’s favela. She carries that story forward in her new book Favela: Four Decades of Living on the Edge in Rio de Janeiro by re-interviewing many longtime favela residents whom she had first met in 1969—as well as their children and grandchildren—to reveal the effects of violence, drugs, poverty, and unemployment.


Janice Perlman

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Bethânia Ferreira from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

A Rocinha é um lugar de reflexão. Quando se conhece a Rocinha, nossa opinião a respeito da vida muda. Aprendamos a dar valor às mínimas coisas. Pessoas com necessidades que parecem tão pequenas, mas que tomam proporções gigantes quando somadas às outras necessidades. Mas a Rocinha é lugar de gente feliz, de gente honesta, de exemplos de cidadões trabalhadores que dão a vida pela educação de seus filhos. Tudo isso, com um sorriso lindo no rosto, afinal, a Rocinha fica no Rio e o Rio de Janeiro, foi eleita cidade mais feliz do mundo.

Nov. 25 2010 10:43 AM
Zezinho da Rocinha from Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro

Very nice talk about favelas. I live in Rocinha, the biggest favela in Rio. I am writing a blog about my life here in Rocinha. I agree with her in thet I do not want to leave here even if I have lots of money. There are problems of corse, but still this is my comunity.

I want to know how I can read this book that Ms. Perlman wrote. Is this book going to be in stores in Rio? I would like buy this book.

Thank you,


Sep. 01 2010 12:45 PM

I must say Elliot Forrest is my favorite guest host so far this month. I also like the sound of his voice. Just listening to this last interview -- he has been thoughtful and seems to ask questions that get the most out of the guest. He's been really great with the whole range of guests today. Thank you for the two hours of good radio.

Aug. 30 2010 01:56 PM
Jon from New York City

I recently watched the movie City of God, which is about the favela's and the drug trade. I was immensely impressed by the level of art and craftsmanship in that movie. In addition, as a work of journalism it seems to me to have achieved a very high mark, but I would like to hear an expert's comments.

Aug. 30 2010 01:38 PM
dbmetzger from manhattan

Brazil sounds a bit like Mexico.
Hostage Drama Rocks Rio
A drug gang related shoot-out with police in an upscale area of Rio de Janeiro led to a hostage situation inside the luxurious Intercontinental Hotel. Police were able to free the hostages but it has left the city shake

Aug. 30 2010 11:07 AM

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