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Final Williamsburg Pool Party Back On

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If the cancellation of this summer's Pool Parties free concert series at the Williamsburg waterfront made you think of shaving your ironic mustache or pawning your bowler hat, rest assured. This weekend, the big players in the battle to keep or cancel the Pool Parties' final August 29th show resolved the conflict. The fourth year of fist-pumping indie bands with baffling names will culminate in performances by Dominique Young Unique and Delorean, along with a surprise headliner.

In an area where residents are famously ambivalent about civic duties such as census completion, perhaps the most surprising element in the Pool Parties saga is the support of politicians like State Assemblyman Joseph Lentol and Senator Charles Schumer. "It feels like summer in Brooklyn just got extended by an extra week," Senator Schumer said. "I am glad both sides finally came together because these concerts mean so much to the neighborhood of Williamsburg and the people of Brooklyn." 

Schumer refers to the standoff between promoter Jelly NYC and North Brooklyn's Open Space Alliance over a monetary dispute resolved on Sunday with the aid of local businesses. Jelly NYC's relationship to the Parks Department and the Open Space Alliance has been strained since the beginning of this summer's concert series. Concerns about safety regulations and sponsorship deals plagued this summer's shows while other free concerts blew away in a perfect storm of free music, high temperatures and supremely zealous concertgoers.

For now, the parade of muddy flip flops and beat-up Chuck T's will continue to march into Williamsburg's East River State Park to celebrate a summer of free music mayhem, though Jelly NYC's contract for next summer has not been confirmed. Surrounded by the fresh faces and knock-off wayfarers two generations younger than them, Senator Schumer and Assemblyman Lentol have cast their votes—whether the free concerts will curry favor among the younger set is yet to be determined.