Organizers of Islamic Cultural Center Speak Out

Friday, August 20, 2010

Daisy Khan, head of the American Society for Muslim Advancement -- and one of the organizers of a proposed Islamic mosque and cultural center near the World Trade Center site -- says dropping the plan is not an option. The developers of Park51 also said Friday that they never had plans to meet with Gov. David Paterson to discuss his offer to help find a site other than the planned location.

Khan's husband, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, is leading the project. He's currently on the first leg of a 15-day tour of the Middle East, funded by the U.S. State Department. When questioned during a stop in Bahrain on Friday, he refused to discuss the political firestorm over the project.

He spoke to reporters afer leading prayers at a mosque outside the capital of Manama, saying that radical religious views pose a security threat in both the west and the Muslim world.


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Ben from NYC

Every religion has a right to flourish in the US, and all muslims deserve a beautiful place to worship and congregrate. But if this is about the much touted 'bridge building' and 'healing' then these respectable Muslims would realize that the majority of NY'ers are not feeling healed by the force with which this being put upon on us. Which begs the question, why does this center HAVE to be THERE?

And why won't they fully divulge where all domestic and foreign investments are coming from? And why this Imam going on a 15 day tour on the US taxpayer dollar? And why did the city overturn a landmark preservation for this project?

Should we show them accommodating we are? Especially when there is barely one muslim nation, even among our 'friends' that allow the construction of churches?? Even those that do require obscene permits and taxes. I'm sure i don't have to mention that even the thought of a synagogue is a death sentence.

Remember, Cordoba is where Muslims conquered a city and replaced the church with a mosque... Not exactly the peaceful background story a healing symbol of religious tolerance one would think...

Aug. 22 2010 08:33 AM

It is very nice of Governor Patterson to find these people a seat in the back of the Bus, and they should jump on the bus for a great ride.!

((Next Stop)) Back Alley NY

That ain't so bad as being shackled or raising an American flag at Iwo Jima, on sacred Japanese ground to honor dead Japanese soldiers, celebrating American victory monument.Certainly It is not like we want to build an interment camp for the Japanese, or feel guilty for shutting down Shinto shrine, we did! near Pearl harbor and rounded up those Japanese and deported them to Japan, We care so much more of our American Muslim brothers, You go Governor show the world we are intelligent, helpful, accommodating tolerant people.

Aug. 21 2010 08:45 PM
Robert NYC from NYC, NY

WHY will they not talk to the Governor? Patterson extended an invitation to help relocate on state lands so that the feeling of the families of the people that died on 9/11 will not be hurt.

If this is a religion of love and kindness then they would at least explore ways to be considerate and kind to people's feelings I would think.

Aug. 21 2010 03:35 AM

Anton: The leaders have repeatedly made it clear that they are different from the terrorists.

The difference is the leaders won't blow themselves up.

Aug. 21 2010 01:52 AM

The leaders have repeatedly made it clear that they are different from the terrorists. Unfortunately that doesn't make for great TV ratings so the news channels don't devote nearly enough time to it.

Aug. 21 2010 01:41 AM
Mohamed from Astoria

When I saw the headline 'Organizers of Islamic Cultural Center Speak Out i got excited. I thought for the first time a muslim leader will denounce and distance themselves totally from the terror they have brought upon the city. Saying that radical Muslim groups pose a threat" is not enough! I think more people would support the mosk if the leaders made it clear that they are different from terrorist.

Maybe they are not all that different?

Aug. 21 2010 01:19 AM

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