Stars of the Future on Display: Little League World Series Starts

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The Little League World Series started Friday in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and this year, the tournament will preview the stars of the future, as well as the latest sports technology.

That means the Little League World Series will use instant reply for close calls, which Ken Sawyer, the 40-year veteran announcer for the tournament, says is an opportunity for big leaguers to see the effects of instant replay on baseball.

"I think there are many people who would like to see technology advance the game to make sure calls are accurate. I think that's what the jury will have to decide at the major league level, after they see how it works at the level like in little league," Sawyer says.

The tournament will host eight international teams along with eight teams from the U.S., including kids from New Jersey and Connecticut. All of them are vying for a spot in the championship game, which will take place on August 29.