New Yorkers Split on Islamic Cultural Center in Lower Manhattan

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Whether they are families of September 11 victims or just normal New Yorkers, a recent poll showed that the city is split over Park 51, the Islamic cultural center and mosque proposed a few blocks from Ground Zero, in lower Manhattan. Two-thirds of New Yorkers are against it, and less than one-third in favor. Mid-term election candidates have made the center an election issue, with politicians defending it as a First Amendment right or demanding that the city prevent the construction by taking over the site via "eminent domain." With all the controversy, emotions are running high. 

If you could decide whether or not the center were built at that location, how would you make your decision?

The Takeaway speaks with WNYC's Brian Lehrer, host of the award-winning talk show "The Brian Lehrer Show," who has been asking his listeners to weigh in on the issue.