#353: New Sounds of Film Music

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Film scores might not seem likely fodder for arrangements, but in this September 8, 1989 episode New Sounds showed why they are. The show begins with a sampling of Walt Disney film classics interpreted by the likes of Sun Ra, Harry Nilsson, Tom Waits, and others.

John takes us along with interpretations of scores by the legendary Italian composers Nina Rota and Ennio Morricone, the latter of whom helped pioneer the "Spaghetti Western" style for the films of director Sergio Leone. Morricone was later esteemed by such modern music stars as John Zorn, from whom we also hear in this whirlwind program.

PROGRAM #353: "New Sounds In Film Music, Again" (First aired: 09/08/89)






Stay Awake: Various Interpretations of Music from Vintage Disney Films

T. Waits: "Heigh Ho" {3:30}
Nordine/Frisell/Horvitz: "Hi Diddle Dee Dee" {2:00}
G. Hudson:"Feed the Birds" {4:00}
Frisell/Horvitz:"Dumbo and Timothy" {2:00}
Sun Ra: "Pink Elephants On Parade" {4:30}
Nordine/Frisell/Horvitz: "Desolation Theme" {2:00}

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Amarcord Nino Rota

J. Byard: "Amarcord" {7:30}

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I Compani

Rota: Music To The Films of Federico Fellini

"Mia Malinconia"{3:30}
"Pin Penin"{3:00}
"Milano e Nadia" {4:00}

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Ennio Morricone

Film Music, The Collection, Vol 1

"Once Upon A Time In The West" {2:00}

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John Zorn

The Big Gundown (Music by Ennio Morricone)

"Poverty (Once Upon A Time In America)" {4:00}

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Ennio Morricone

Film Music, The Collection, Vol 1

"On Earth As It Is In Heaven" {3:00}

Same as above.