Archeologists' Major Discovery at Site of Civil War Prison

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"Camp Lawton" at Millen, Georgia : about 8,600 prisoners confined here 14th November 1864.
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Just months before the sesquicentennial of the Civil War, archeologists in Georgia have discovered the location of a stockade used for Camp Lawton, a Confederate prison camp which housed Union prisoners of war.

Camp Lawton was built to relieve the Civil War's most infamous prison, Andersonville; the remains of the camp were discovered in a rural area of western Georgia. Since then, archeologists have dug up dozens of artifacts, including European currency, Federal currency and parts of prisoner tents. Tomorrow, an on-site conference will be held to display the discovered items and discuss plans for continued excavation of the former prison.

Camp Lawton was evacuated just six weeks after it had been built, in 1864. Rickey Bevington, the host and executive producer for Georgia Public Broadcasting says, "It was a short-lived prison, so people assumed there was not much there, when there was a lot there." According to Bevington, "this [discovery] is really going to change the scholarship of the Civil War."