The Lede: Schumer's Senate, Cuomo's Editorials

Dinkins: "I turned, gave him the finger, and continued on my way."

Dinkins makes news on

Rangel's mood, via AP photography.

Rangel tries focusing on his campaign.

DJ surrenders.

Schumer literally runs the senate single-handedly.

WSJ: "The New York Democrat proposed passing the bill by 'unanimous consent,' meaning it would become law as long as no one objected. Mr. Cardin asked the empty room if anyone did, and, not surprisingly, response came there none. Just like that, the bill was on its way to the president's desk."

NYT:"Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the imam who would run the center, led a prayer service at Gracie Mansion in 2009."

DN: "Union officials strenuously denied the firing was related to any unionization drive."

Losing News Corp? NY Post: "The Rangel party was a real test of Cuomo's seriousness as a corruption-fighter. Alas, he failed."

WSJ: "Mr. Cuomo shows no signs of dropping the remaining Spitzer claims against Mr. Greenberg."

The Post gives lots of ink to Lazo's video, slamming Cuomo for attending Rangel's party.

Perennial candidate Wellington Sharpe briefly
interferes with John Sampson's assault trial.

A NYS Democratic spokesman is, "dismissing the idea that running for the City Council in a different state could distract Cohen from running the office of the state’s most powerful state senator."

Campaign money comes from outside New York.

Bloomberg doesn't want a change to the city term limits law to target any one particular group of people.

AP: "The mayor has expressed many different - and sometimes conflicting - views about term limits."

DN: "term limits on the mayoralty are wholly superfluous."

Aqueduct advances.

70,000 city paychecks could be jeopardized.

DN: [NYS Comptroller Tom] DiNapoli has received nearly $130,000 from law firms representing the pension fund in such suits."

State Senate candidate Tim Kennedy: "If Mr. Coffey would have simply followed the paper trail, he could have avoided looking out-of-touch and hypocritical."

Buffalo's view of the Islamic center near Ground Zero.

And Rangel responds to Obama's remark that he hopes the congressman ends his career "with dignity."