In Flooded Pakistan, BBC Radio Offers 'Lifeline'

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A Pakistan Army soldier throws food to flood victims during air rescue and relief operations on August 9, 2010 near to Kot Addu in the Muzaffargarh district in Punjab, Pakistan.

One fifth of Pakistan is underwater, and many of the country's residents — reportedly as many as 400,000 — continue to be threatened by the worst flooding in nearly a century. Some of the hardest hit are those in the country's more remote regions, where aid and even information is difficult to deliver. Our partner the BBC has offered a radio service called "Lifeline" that is trying to help reach Pakistanis, offering a call-in for people who need important aid information, and also giving them a forum for telling their own story during the disaster.

We're joined by Shafi Naqi Jamie, BBC Urdu reporter and host of the program, to learn more.