Nets to Change Name, and May Not Use 'Brooklyn'

Local Pols Were Counting on Boost for Borough

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A lot of Brooklyn politicians—and local residents—gave their support to the Atlantic Yards complex assuming it would be host to “the Brooklyn Nets.” Now, they can’t be so sure.

A team spokesman, Barry Baum, confirms news reports that the team submitted an application to change its name to the NBA. The timing, he said, was in order to be ready for the move to Brooklyn, expected in late 2012. But Baum wouldn’t specify what the desired name would be or whether it would use “Brooklyn” or “New York” as the geographic name. The NBA also wouldn’t comment.

While the sports world is abuzz with speculation over a nickname change, local officials are more concerned about the geography.

"The owners from day one—the one pledge they made, beside other pledges, was that the name would be the Brooklyn something,” Borough President Marty Markowitz said. “And I don’t care what the second name is as long as the first name is Brooklyn.”

But Markowitz is talking about the team’s previous owners, a group led by developer Bruce Ratner, who used the Nets' move as a key selling point for his 22-acre housing and entertainment complex at Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues. Ratner’s group sold a majority stake in the team last year to Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov. Markowitz says he hasn’t spoken with Prokhorov about the name change.

The name “Brooklyn Nets” is used on the website for the Barclays Center—the arena where the team will play. But Ratner retained majority control of the arena under the conditions of the sale; Prokhorov only bought a 45 percent share in it. 

An agreement that Ratner’s group negotiated with state officials to secure subsidies they needed for the project leaves open whether New York or Brooklyn would be used. That agreement was signed last October, about a month after the sale to Prokhorov was announced but before it closed.

“The company shall cause the team to play all of its home games using a name that incorporates the words ‘New York’ or ‘Brooklyn,’ unless otherwise agreed to in writing by ESDC,” the document states, using the acronym for the Empire State Development Corporation.

Markowtiz says he wasn’t aware of the document and would be disappointed if the team chose “New York” for its name.

“I know my colleagues in Brooklyn would feel very upset about it,” he said.

But Markowitz said he didn’t see any business reason why Prokhorov would break Ratner’s promise. “The whole idea of locating a basketball team in Brooklyn is because of the Brooklyn persona, the Brooklyn brand, the whole Brooklynish thing,” he said. “The name ‘Brooklyn’ is probably better known or at least equally known in the world as ‘New York.’”

Markowitz threw out a couple of other name suggestions of his own that would keep the borough’s name intact—the Brooklyn Bridges and the Brooklyn Attitudes, for example. Prokhorov has been a bit more cavalier about the issue, once suggesting to reporters that he could rename the team after his girlfriend, except that would mean he’d have to change the team’s name often.


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Comments [20]


brooklyn nets would be the worst name ever, new jersey had probably the best name in the league, this seems like the worst move the nba has ever done

Mar. 11 2012 09:39 PM
James Hunter from New York

I like the name "BROOKLYN RANGERS". That denotes strength and unity.

Oct. 22 2011 01:29 AM
NyC from florida

How about these?
-Brooklyn Spiders
-Brooklyn Bears
-Brooklyn Ponies
-Brooklyn Unicorns
-Brooklyn Donuts
-Brooklyn Pizza
-Brooklyn Crazy
-Brooklyn Monsters
or one that everyone is sure to like
The Brooklyn Rabbid Bunnies

Jun. 11 2011 12:32 AM
Ryan W from NJ

How about we keep New jersey nets. The giants are in New Jersey but there New York

May. 08 2011 02:44 PM
Lucas from Chesterfield MI

Here Are My Top 10

#10:Brooklyn Bluebirds.This is named after the New York's state bird,the Eastern Bluebird.

#9:Brooklyn Bulldogs.Yeah sure there's TONS of teams that are named the bulldogs,but I think it's A-OK.

#8:Brooklyn Ball Busters. I really like that name. I'd thought I put it higher but this is MY list & this is where i put it.

#7:Brooklyn Barosauruses.This is named after the prehistoric dinosaur. & I think it wiuld be really cool to have a team name that is named after a dinosaur.

#6: Brooklyn Bolts. OK.... This does sort-of copy the Thunder but I think it's good.

#5:Brooklyn Musketeers. Alright now THIS is a name that I think would be cool.

Here come's the one's that are IMPOSSIBLE to not like...

#4:Brooklyn Heights. This is named after all the skyscraper's New York (no not the city the whole state!) got!

#3:Brooklyn Knights. (no destription)

#2:Brooklyn Golden Taxi Cabs. Wow.......Just..... WOW!!!

#1:Brooklyn Empire. This name probaly beats every name in the NBA!Not only that it is cool but it's named after the Empire STate Buirlding!!!!

Apr. 09 2011 12:33 PM

Brooklyn people r known as BrooklynNites
so call them the
Brooklyn Knights

Apr. 08 2011 10:52 PM
Ali from Bed Stuy

How's bout Brooklyn Ballers?

Feb. 28 2011 08:06 PM
Z from LI - NY

Brooklyn Express

end of story

Feb. 22 2011 11:35 AM
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Dec. 21 2010 04:49 AM
catbike from Bay Ridge

What about the "Brooklyn Heights"...

The sky is the limit!

Go Brooklyn!

Dec. 15 2010 04:53 PM
Lyn Reede from Bay Ridge

What about the "Brooklyn Heights"...

The Sky is the limit!

Go Brooklyn!

Dec. 15 2010 03:52 PM
PistonsEatPoop from Greencastle Indiana

So on yahoo sprots it was reported that the Nets are going to change their name to the Brooklyn New Yorkers:

Personally I think this name is too original and would fit better as the New York, New Yorkers and since you already got the New York Knicks it just doesn't fit in with the name Brooklyn in front of it.

So here's some better names
Brooklyn MCs or Rappers
OK, before we go off on a naming rampage of all the famous rappers from New York/Brooklyn, lets just look at all the Rappers of the decades:
The 1980's-Beastie Boys (born and raised in Brooklyn) RUN DMC & LL Cool J(Queens NY, similar croud to Brooklyn seems a bit closer to Brooklyn then NYC)
The 1990's (Rap at it's all time best(WILL NEVER BE BETTER)
2 Pac (Born in East Harlem (similar crowd from what I hear to Brooklyn), Biggie Smalls (Born in New York, raised in Brooklyn)
2000's Jay-Z (born and raised in Brooklyn)
any questions?

Brooklyn Birdges, superbra's or broomsticks in honor of the Brooklyn Bridge and other history in Brooklyn would work too.

Hey Brooklyn you can always bring back the Tigers name or you could just try buying back the Dodgers name, I know when the Browns moved to Baltimore after the city of Cleveland made them change their name Art Modell tired to get he Colts name and horse shoe back.

Brooklyn Metroplians

Brooklyn Stars-
Rappers aren't the only stars from Brooklyn don't forget Adam Sandler was born in Brooklyn.

Personally I think Dodgers is the best way to go, but MCs is a close second.

RIP 2 pac & Biggie

Dec. 14 2010 09:19 PM
Tony TKO from Park Slope BKLYN

To give rebirth of the glory days and old school name of "Brooklyn Cagers" would be fitting.

Sep. 06 2010 12:11 PM
Christopher Peifer from NYC


(since "Russian Mafia" was already submitted)

Aug. 14 2010 03:26 PM
Mike from Inwood

How about the Brooklyn 'Russian Mafia'?

Aug. 13 2010 03:56 PM
Chris from NJ

after last season they should just call themselves the losers. who cares where they play, just get them out of my state.

Aug. 13 2010 01:16 PM
Lou from Prospect Heights

Oh, I think we can come up with some appropriate names...
The Brooklyn Land Grabs
The Brighton Oligarchs
The NY (Eminent) Domains
The Brooklyn Bamboozled Martys
The NY Bait'n'Switchers
The NY Cronies
The NY (Taxpayin') Suckers
The NY View Blockers
The Brooklyn Ratt B*astards
The Newark Nets

Aug. 13 2010 01:03 PM
Nicole from Yonkers

How about changing the team name to the "Brooklyn Battery" - that would honor both Brooklyn & New York, since the Battery is the birthplace of the city, and Battery denotes energy and strength.

Aug. 13 2010 10:57 AM
chuck from Boerum Hill

Renaming the Nets something without Brooklyn in the name would be perfect poetic justice for every ignorant politician in Brooklyn (I'm looking at you, Markowitz) who shoved this arena down their constituents' throats.

I sincerely hope they are renamed the "New York Nets" - so the good name of Brooklyn isn't soiled by the corruption and short-sightedness of the Atlantic Yards.

Aug. 13 2010 10:07 AM
Gib Veconi from Prospect Heights

It looks like here, again, is a case where the final agreements executed by the ESDC and FCR differ from the expectations for Atlantic Yards both fostered among elected officials and the public when they needed to win support for the project.

If you are angry about yet another broken promise, please sign the online petition at in support of legislation reforming Atlantic Yards governance.

Aug. 13 2010 08:32 AM

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