After Rangel Party, Cuomo Touts Ethics Plan

One day after appearing at a fundraiser for Rep. Charlie Ranel -- who is facing 13 allegations of breaking congressional ethics rules -- Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo is out with a new ad.

The topic: Ethics.

"New Yorkers agree, Albany is a mess. It's overrun by lobbyists and special interests. But Andrew Cumo has a tough 20-point plan to clean up Albany, including restricting lobbyist contributions, ending pay to play for powerful for powerful corporations who buy access."

A Cuomo campaign source said there was no connection between the timing of their ethics ad and Rangel's birthday party.

The issue of taking money from lobbyists is, actually, something Cuomo has been criticized for. Also, Cuomo agreed in 2007 to limit campaign contributions to $10,000 -- far below the state's limit. He no longer is abiding by that limit.