The Lede: Rangel Parties, Cuomo Advertises, Stone Works

Rangel celebrates his birthday, with lots of supporters.

One day after attending Rangel's birthday party, Cuomo unleashes ads about ethics and corruption, in Albany.

Notable absences from Rangel's party: House Democrats.

Haberman: "the officials who didn't attend stood out more than those who did go."

Vielkind: "Cuomo kept his plans to attend quiet until Wednesday morning" and "Cuomo's campaign still does not employ any people designated to reach out to the minority community."

Daly: "If you stayed away, you would be viewed as shunning, maybe even deserting, an iconic New York figure."

Dinkins confirmed he gave the middle finger to anti-Rangel hecklers.

Rangel's party is A1 in The Times.

Nadler on Rangel's ethics probe: "if this were a court of law, most of this would be thrown out, it wouldn't stand up.''

NYT says Rangel gave an unintentional boost to ethics reform.

Voters will be asked if city lawmakers should go back to serving only 2 four-year terms.

Charter Revision tension: "It took four rounds of voting before the panel concluded, 9-6, to permit incumbents to serve three terms, no matter what the electorate decides this fall."

Public authority debt "rose to $52 billion, or $7,900 per household in the 2009-2010 fiscal year."

Paladino and Davis share Roger Stone.

A Forbes writer uses the word "bribe" to describe Sean Coffey's donations to politicians who he later did business with.

Al Smith IV: "Rice [the food] is a bland staple, so if you want more of the same, vote for [Kathleen] Rice."

The Post opposes the new stimulus bill. "This Christmas-in-August gift is as much about boosting teacher pay as saving jobs."

DN: TWU's tentative support for dollar vans "reflects the dawning of a new reality."