Financial 411: Stress in the Workplace

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How do you explain the behavior of Steven Slater, the ticked off JetBlue flight attendant who literally slid off the job on Monday at Kennedy Airport?

One of the men who runs JFK, the Port Authority's Chris Ward, said Wednesday that what happened was pretty simple: "He had a bad day, and JetBlue and that airline will end up responding in an appropriate way."

Slater exited the plane via its emergency slide Monday, after allegedly arguing with a passenger over his baggage and berating passengers over the PA system. He was charged with felonies including criminal mischief and reckless endangerment, and released on $2,500 bail on Tuesday.

But for every Steven Slater, there are lots more hot-under-the-collar workers who somehow keep a lid on their rage. WNYC's Amy Eddings talks with Katherine Crowley, a psychotherapist with K Squared Enterprises, and co-author of "Working for You Isn't Working for Me."