Roundup: Cuomo, Genting, Saujani

Liz and I think the most interesting part of the NYT Sunday magazine story on Cuomo is the last line. Referring to the legislature, Cuomo said, “I think I can be their best friend.” 

Emily Miller waits for the NYT Sunday magazine story on Lazio.

Haberman says Rangel is playing to the district, not Congress.

The Epoch Times throws AGNY candidate Sean Coffey a question about protecting Falun Gong members.

Employees of a real estate development company raise money for Christine Quinn.

Kevin Powell claims a court victory against Rep. Towns.

The Assembly may return next week.

Silver backs Genting.

Donovan says he has the same stance as Obama on same-sex marriage.

And Reshma Saujani tells John Harwood, “I’m not pro-Wall Street, I’m not anti-Wall Street. I’m pro-New York.” The background image: Wall Street bull statue.