'Mansion Boy' and the Legislature's 'Best Friend'

So, there's no real bombshell revelation in the NYT Sunday magazine cover story on Andrew Cuomo, but there are some entertaining tidbits about the guy who is likely to be New York's next governor.

Andrew Cuomo "used to call his younger brother, Christopher, who grew up in Albany, 'mansion boy.' "

NYT Magazine
contributing writer, Jonathan Mahler, said "it would be a stretch to call 'The New NY Agenda' a policy book."

And at the end of the piece, Cuomo downplays the notion he's going to Albany to wage war agains the legislature (which his predecessor had done). Cuomo is quoted saying, "The legislature doesn't want trouble. They want good news from a P.R. point of view. They need redemption" and "I think I can be their best friend."

Being Albany's "best friend" is obviously said with an eye towards politics after election day (i.e. governing Albany), but I can imagine someone using that line in a Web ad in about five minutes.