Scarborough and Weiner Debate 9/11 Bill

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 - 10:08 AM


Joe Scarborough, a former GOP congressman, doesn’t buy Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner’s explanation why the 9/11 health care bill was put up for a vote under rules requiring a 2/3 majority vote, instead of a simple majority.

Despite the volume, Scarborough and Weiner actually get into the substantive parts of the debate.

Scarborough's main complaint is that Weiner challenged Repubilcans for not supporting the legislation, but didn't act similarly to Blue Dog Democrats, or Hispanic Democratic members, who threatened to vote aganist the bill if it veered into the area of immigration.

The 14.33 minute segment is worth a watch.

Watch the video.


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MD from Kentucky

This shows how screwed up both sides are. The dems should never have added non-germane crap. And the republicans take the immigrant stuff way too far. Anyone who helped at that site day after day and put their health at risk should be given medical aid. AND if they are an illegal they should get citizenship on the spot. Why? Because these are the people we want as Americans. I say strip the citizenship and deport all of congress.

(How is it illegals were on the job during 9/11? How did they hired as an EMT, firefighter etc? Did they come in to the country just to help?)

Aug. 12 2010 08:43 AM
max max from middle america

Joe Scarborough is a Bully and a narcissist. We tape the show so we can forward past his pompous rants. Sometimes they run for MINUTES at a time. Some of the best guests are there or we wouldn't watch at all. And don't get me started on Mika who is so uptight she squeaks.

Aug. 11 2010 03:09 PM
GrayRiv from Wash, DC

The Dems put forward a bill to provide health care to 9-11 responders and heroes that the Republicans voted against because there were not additional protections (above and beyond current law which is VERY strict) to prevent undocumented immigrants who were 9-11 responders from getting care. The Dems should have made much more of a meal out of this. The lunacy of denying health care to firefighters because you fear an EMT without proof of citizenship might get care too is an indefensible position and the GOP walked right into it. It also shows that the Dems made a major miscalculation on NOT moving forward with their border-security and immigration bill (comprehensive immigration reform). Now Arizona, birthright citizenship, and denying care to heroes because of the bogeyman of immigrants here illegally is biting the Dems hard with young voters, middle of the road voters, swing voters, Latinos and Asians. Stupid to have feared the immigration issue, just stupid.

Aug. 11 2010 02:29 PM
Tom from Wilmington, NC

Scarborough schooled Weiner. It was a great watch. I'm sure Weiner thought he was walking into the usual MSNBC-softball fest. Until he can answer the question of why they needed at 2/3rds vote instead of a simply majority, he should stay off tv.

Aug. 11 2010 12:35 PM
Paul from Michigan

When you have an "interview" with a guest, you let them talk. You attacked A. Weiner and continued to interupt him when he spoke. I thought I was watching Fox News for a minute. Speak, let your guest speak, and then continue that plan.....You looked like a bully this morning on your show. Why would anyone want to come on when you bully people???

Aug. 11 2010 11:05 AM

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