Powell's 'Vote' Flier

Here’s part of a flier that’s going around parts of northern Manhattan, which features a photograph of Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell and the word “vote” right above it. It was passed to me by an interested reader working on one of the congressional campaigns in the 15th district, where Powell is one of five candidates seeking to oust the incumbent, Rep. Charles Rangel.

I haven’t seen the whole flier, but at fist glance, it looks like a piece of campaign literature, asking readers to vote for Powell.

It’s actually a voter registration form, Powell’s campaign manager, Danny Serrano, told me when I asked him about it. He said it was sent by Powell’s Assembly office, and that similar fliers were sent by many other state legislators.

“The point is not to say we’re trying to get people to vote our way,” said Serrano. The flier is meant to “make it easier for people to register to vote.”