The Lede: Bloomberg's Numbers, Rangel's Speech

Young Obama voters may sit on the sidelines.

AP: "All hail inexperience  - the less familiarity with politics the better, no matter the party or state."
New voting machines in NY could be problematic, says Saul.

Goodwin: Hillary as VP hurts Obama's 2012 chances.

Rep. John Lewis on Rangel: "If I was in his shoes and know what I know, I would have been quiet."

Rangel's speech was "defiant" and "rambling."

Rangel "plead his innocence."

MyFoxNY called it, "a dramatic display of public theater."

The Week highlights reactions to Rangel's speech.

Thousands of NY jobs saved, by Obama.

Bloomberg's poll numbers dipped "in part because of" his support for the Islamic center.

"Miringoff believes the mosque issue had only a moderate impact on Bloomberg's approval."

Bloomberg's poll trend.

Eccentric SI artist Scott LoBaido: "The history of Islam is they put mosques in places where they have conquered -- and this is a smashing slap in the face."

Paterson's support for the Islamic center is "softening" says The Post.

Islamic center developers looked at a site at 23rd Street initially, in 1993.

NY Post: "When it comes to the Ground Zero mosque, Gov. Paterson -- unlike Mayor Bloomberg -- gets it."

Mike Long is certain Lazio will beat Paladino in the GOP primary.

Paterson: "Only now do I feel ready to govern."

Jon Del Giorno will lead NYC chapter of NY League of Conservation Voters.

NYC Parks Commissioner wants opponents "to stop pretending" new rules for community gardens are weak.
Hernandez expects one of the most expensive races, between McMahon and Blumenthal in CT.

McMahon will remind voters of Blumenthal's inaccurate statements about his service in Vietnam. Blumenthal will remind voters McMahon's wrestlers are, often, embarrassing assets.

Weiner and King bury the hatchet.

Mark Halperin: "there may be so much anger at obama, that anybody with an R after their name could win"

Scarborough: if an independent would have won in NYS against Kirsten Gillibrand, a strong independent could have won

Weiner assuages concerns of a barrista in Sag Habor.