The Lede: Cuomo's Silence, Paladino's Friends, Titone's Costume

Andrew Cuomo won't say if he agrees with his running mate on the Islamic center slated for near Ground Zero.

Carl Paladino: "I have a lot of friends who are Muslims."

The National Legal and Policy Center files another complaint against Rangel, reports The Post.

DNC member Robert Zimmerman's joint letter with GOP Rep. Peter King on the 9/11 Health bill angered Dem Rep. Anthony Weiner.

Assemblyman Matt Titone says of fellow Democrat, State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr., "If they are going to act like media whores, they should at least dress the part."

The MTA will carry an ad opposing the Islamic center near Ground Zero, which reads, "Why There?" and shows a plane flying towards the burning WTC.

Cuomo's brother turned 40.

Lisberg says non-partisan elections won't be on the ballot, thanks to a lack of support from newspapers and Al Sharpton.

The Commission probably won't pick up the issue of "local control" reports Peter Spencer.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn supports a grandfather clause allowing 32 Council members to serve three terms, not just two. [$]

An Independence Party activist promises to watch the media during today's rally in support of non-partisan elections.

About a dozen state legislators have gun permits.

The bullet that killed a man in Harlem was likely fired by one of four cops.

The victim was Luis Soto. Another man, Angel Alvarez, brought the gun to the party where his fight with Soto drew police attention.

A good description of the fight and ensuing gun battle.

In another incident, a cop shot her girlfriend after an argument.

"You can't say working and taking a pension I earned is bad," says Long Beach Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg, who faces a Democratic primary.

The son of Buffalo's mayor got a slap on the wrist for shoplifting.

After beating up Bloomberg for defending the Islamic center, The Post edit page praises him for backing the Bush tax cuts.

WSJ gets its hands on Google's vision statement.