Waiting for City Hall FOILS

Thanks to a stakeout, The Post gets some information on the how Deputy Mayor Patti Harris juggles her work at City Hall and at the non-profit charity she runs for the mayor: "Harris, along with two City Hall aides, were chauffeured in a city-owned Buick Lucerne to the foundation's $45 million Beaux Arts six-story mansion at 25 E. 78th St."

In the foundation's tax filings, Harris said she only spends about 15 minutes a week working at the foundation [fixed].

I've been trying to get similar information about Harris' comings and going using another means: the Freedom of Information Law.

On May 12, 2010, Anthony Crowell, counsel to the mayor, said they'd respond to my request for Harris' schedule within 120 days. That puts the expected response some time next month.

My initial request for Harris' schedule (and those of other City officials) were sent out on January 5, 2009 and have not yet been filled.