America's First Test-Tube Baby, Now 29, Gives Birth

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Thousands of babies are conceived through in-vitro fertilization (IVF) each year, but 29 years ago, when Elizabeth Comeau was born, the in vitro method was considered strange and miraculous. Comeau was America's first "test-tube baby." Now, at 29 years old, she's just given birth to her own baby boy.

(Correction: an earlier version of this story referred to Comeau as the "world's first test-tube baby" - she was actually the first in the United States. Louise Brown, born in the UK in 1978, was the world's first baby conceived via IVF.)

Carr joins us to talk about the birth of her baby boy, Trevor Comeau, living life in the public eye, and the miracle of IVF to parents seeking to conceive a child of their own.