The Lede: Klein's Power, Dilan's Vote, Powell's Job

Kagan makes the wood of amNew York and Newsday.

Rangel says his birthday party is still on for August. 11.

Barbaro: "Several are privately fuming that Mr. Rangel is forcing them to choose between their gratitude to him and their shot at re-election."

King blames Democrats if rescue workers die because the 9/11 health bill failed.

A lawyer in a 9/11 health care lawsuit is backing Saujani over Maloney.

NY Post: "Bloomberg seems largely to have been speaking for himself" in defense of the Islamic center at Ground Zero.

DiNapoli banks on strong labor support.

Schumer's office declines to respond to Townsend's criticism.

TU: Recounting prison population could help Democrats keep control of state senate.

Molloy wonders why Giuliani's kid was shoplifting.

A local meeting about making English the official language of Jackson, in upstate Washington County. may have violated the Open Meetings Law.

New voting machines on display in next-door Warren County on August 26.

Klein uses his emergency powers to sidestep a recent state education ruling on how school facilities are used.

Key Food closes and culture war heats up, in Flushing.

Pras doesn't support Wyclef's presidential campaign.

McAuliff: " 'Kevin Powell has not had a job since 1996,' said Powell."

DN hits Dilan for saying he'd support the farm workers bill, then abstained.

"She was no better than me" a woman busted for shoplifting at Duane Reade said about Caroline Giuliani.

And Jon Stewart sizes up Democrats and Republicans on the 9/11 bill, and says "I give up."
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