Patricia Clarkson and Ruba Nadda on 'Cairo Time'

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During the summer many people long for an old-school, old-fashioned romance. But for the most part, sweeping romances tend to feature people in their twenties or thirties, and those stories generally end with a white dress and walk down the aisle.

But in one movie this summer, the romance takes place between a man and a woman closer to fifty than twenty, and we know from the get-go that the likelihood of a marriage proposal at the end is highly unlikely - because the woman in the film is already married.

The film is called "Cairo Time." It’s directed by Ruba Nadda, and stars Patricia Clarkson as Juliette, an American waiting for her husband in Egypt. He's on his way to meet her there for a vacation, but is detained on business. And while she's waiting, bored and idle, she finds herself captivated by the man that her husband has asked to act as her chaperone, played by Alexander Sidig.

Patricia Clarkson and Ruba Nadda talk with us about "Cairo Time," which opens nationwide today.