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Monday, August 09, 2010

A recent study shows that job training isn’t always effective.  In light of this week’s new employment numbers, which sectors benefit from job training, and which don’t?  Plus: there are other controversial mosques in NYC; the upcoming Haitian elections; which of the many dietary supplements on the market you should start avoiding, and the stories that Brian missed when he was on vacation!

Susan Page Brings Brian Up to Speed

Back from a two-week vacation, Brian checks in with USA Today Washington bureau chief Susan Page on what he missed while he was away, both nationally and locally.

What do you think were the important stories Brian missed? Big or small, we've been collecting your stories on our blog, and you can post them below!

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Controversial Mosque Plans

The proposed Islamic cultural center at the WTC site isn't the only plan surrounded by controversy. Sumathi Reddy, reporter for the Wall Street Journal's Greater New York section, is keeping tabs on opposition to mosques in other NYC neighborhoods, including Sheepshead Bay and Midland Beach. 

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Haitian Politics Update

Ricot DuPuy, director and station manager of Radio Soleil, talks about Haitian politics and the possibility of President Wyclef Jean.

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Job Training: Is It Worth It?

Sheila Maguire, senior vice president of Program Effectiveness at Public/Private Ventures, a research group that works to improve policies and programs for low-income communities, discusses the effectiveness of job training and a new study on sector-based employment programs.

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Supplemental Danger

Nancy Metcalf, senior editor at Consumer Reports, looks at hidden dangers in dietary supplements.

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8/9/10 - What Do Numbers and Dates Mean to You?

If you're born today, you get to write 8/9/10 for the rest of your life. What other dates or numbers have special significance? Do you believe in numerology or have any number-based superstitions? Let us know!

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