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The Lede: Giuliani's Daughter 'Was Stealing Mad Stuff'

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NY Sen. Chuck Schumer and AG Andrew Cuomo dodge questions about whether they'll attend Rep. Charlie Rangel's birthday party.

Cuomo's explanation is that he hasn't figured out his schedule, which takes me back to when I tried FOILing his schedule.
One reason NYC lawmakers may want to serve three four-year terms: they get vested in the city pension.

NYT National Legal Correspondent John Schwartz looks at how the Supreme Court will handle a federal judge's decision to strike down California's ban on same-sex marriage.

NYT Editorial: "The moment has arrived for the federal courts to bestow full equality to millions of gay men and lesbians."

In reference to the Islamic Center planned for near Ground Zero, The Christian Science Monitor says: "The entire controversy has in large part been fabricated and perpetuated by Islamophobic extremists who make money by fomenting suspicion and intolerance toward the 'other.' "

The NYT's Danny Hakim predicts the focal point of Albany's tension next year: Governor Andrew Cuomo's moderation (assuming Cuomo gets elected) versus Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's liberalism.

AG Andrew Cuomo says the state should stop hydrofracking until it "knows all of the facts."

The new tax on online hotel reservations is expected to bring New York $10 million.

Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's daughter, Caroline, was arrested for shoplifting on Wednesday, but charges haven't been filed yet.

Cosmetics company Sephora reportedly didn't want to press charges after finding out who her father was.

Daily News quotes a Sephora employee as saying: "She was stealing mad stuff."

She allegedly stole cosmetics worth about $100.

The arrest is on the front page of the New York PostAMNew York, Daily News, and Metro.

Capital Editor Tom McGeveran says the wood war today is won by the Post, "no contest."

NY Post: New state budget "will inflict more hardship on the state and aggravate Albany's already untenable fiscal burden."

An expansion plan for the University of Buffalo is pushed back 10 years, thanks to Albany.

A city council committee recommends removing a freshman councilman and the chairman of its Higher Education Committee until he completes an employee-relations course.

The councilman allegedly poked a female staffer in the chest. He denies it and is urging colleagues not to remove him.

The aide fired from Rep. Michael McMahon's campaign finds the lawmaker's remarks "offensive."

NYT Editorial: "Grumblers on both sides want to gut the ethics office. That is because it has been fulfilling its mission..."

Brooklyn Congressional candidate Kevin Powell has run for Congress, but has reportedly not filed financial disclosure forms.

Queens Councilman Peter Vallone, Jr. blames Albany for rising crime in New York.

A federal judge blocked the city from hiring 300 new firefighters, saying "what the [entrance] examination does do is screen and rank applicants in a manner that disproportionately excludes black and Hispanic applicants."

And here's a video of congressional candidate George Demos discussing the Islamic Center planned near Ground Zero.