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Azi Paybarah

Lazio: We'll Get Cuomo Below 50 Percent

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Conservative radio show host Laura Ingraham interviewed Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio just now and asked him if he could win his race.

As Ingraham put it, “How can a Republican like you ever hope to win the gubernatorial race?”

Lazio answered: “This is a year when nobody wants to vote for an incumbent.”

Andrew Cuomo is not the incumbent governor. But he is the sitting attorney general, and he’s had a long history working in Albany and in New York politics.

Just before ending the interview, Ingraham pressed Lazio on his electoral prospects, asking, “Why are you polling so low?”

She referred to a recent Rasmussen poll showing Lazio at 27 percent against Cuomo, who was hovering around 58 percent. The other GOP candidate, Carl Paladino, was getting 29 percent of the vote against Cuomo.

Lazio, trying to find the silver lining in the situation, argued that Cuomo’s numbers were low for a sitting official. He added, “We’re going to get him down below 50 percent.”