Will Brett Favre Dance Again?

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After almost 20 years Brett Favre is at it again. The wonder-old-man quarterback has just announced he is finally retiring, again, at the ripe age of 40. And speculation is soaring. Is this just another flirtation with retirement (he has already done it twice) or is 19, the number of seasons he has played, the magic number?

All over this great nation there are former high school heroes and backyard legends that hung up their cleats years ago. Their glory years still ringing into the ears of their family and friends. When they get up from telling stories, their knees crack and their bones tweak. America is filled with these broken heroes, their times of glory only told through misty eyes and a yellowing newspaper clip, or a tape recorded on VHS or, worse, a reel. 

Brett Favre is for them. He defies time and space and location. He was born in 1969 and is part french and part Choctaw but he is All-American. His father was the coach of his high school team but that does not mean this guy had the easy road. Brett had to work for all his marbles. 

And work he did. Since 1991 Brett has played for four teams and wore the number 4 each time. From 1995-1997 he was voted MVP of the league each year; he went to the Superbowl twice and won it once. Favre has the most consecutive starts by any player for any position in the history of the NFL, he is the career leader in passing touchdowns, passing yards, pass completions, pass attempts, and interestingly enough, interceptions. He became a legend with the Green Bay Packers and yet, he had perhaps his best season in his final season, last year, with the Minnesota Vikings.

So ponder if you will the sick fascination that the nation has with this aged former cheese head superstar. The comeback old-man has my attention and he just might steal the show for another 20 years. Encore! Encore!

Still, the man is 40. If I were him, I would do whatever my wife wants me to do... that way he would always be a winner, even if he stepped away from the game.