9:00 - Filipino Sextet [and Isidor Teitelbaum on "What does a hospital mean to the community?"].

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Roland Weber presents the Filipino String Sextet, an all-guitar musical group. Cut off before music starts.

Answering the question, “What does a hospital mean to a community?” Isidor Teitelbaum, member of the Board of Directors for the Bronx Hospital (later the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital) speaks about the newly constructed hospital. Guided tours of the new hospital were offered on Sunday afternoons leading up to the opening of this “monument to the medical profession."

“Everything is in readiness for rendering service, the humanitarian service of saving lives and ministering to the needs of the ill and injured. Every room, every utility compartment, every laboratory, every scientific device of proved merit, in fact, every needed facility of modern hospitalization stands ready to become useful for the particular purpose for which it has been conceived, contemplated, planned and constructed.” The hospital had been completed for a year already, but the old Bronx hospital wasn’t able to open the new building due to a lack of funds.

What starts out as a commendation of the new hospital building and the services it can provide becomes an impassioned plea for donations to help open the Bronx hospital, “Depression or no Depression.” Segment is complete.

Roland Weber again presents the Filipino String Sextet, an all-guitar musical group consisting of: a bandurria piccola (a kind of mandolin from the Philippines), a lute, an octavina, a guitar, a "Hawaiian string guitar" (ukulele) , a mandocello & a bass guitar performing "The Day Begins and Ends with You". Song cuts off before ending.

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