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Nine Hacks for a Perfect Beach Trip

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Beach trips should be the ultimate relaxation:  sun, cold drinks, and some binging on amazing public radio podcasts. But to avoid excruciating sunburns, stolen phones, and sand everywhere - do a little prep work. Here are some tips for how to not only survive your beach trip, but actually enjoy it. 

1. Clumsy? Got kids? Don’t feel like buying a new iPhone anytime soon? Put your phone in a plastic bag. It won’t get wet, sandy, or otherwise wrecked, and you can still use the screen through the plastic. Who needs a $40 “waterproof” case?


2. Make your own free disposable speakers in 60 seconds. Cut a phone-sized square in an old toilet paper roll, stick some tacs in the bottom for extra support, insert iphone, and, voila. For extra noise, cut holes in the sides of cups and glue the roll to them, like this:

Too much work?Just stick your phone in a cup, like this:You can also: buy one of these speaker/cooler combos or if you're feeling adventurous try making one.

3. For those of you who really can't tan but keep trying, here's your magic cure for sunburns. The night before your beach adventure, put aloe vera in your ice tray and freeze it over night. You now have icy cold sunburn relief. Trust me, your back will thank you.   

4. To stop your beach blanket being blown away by the wind and all your stuff from getting sandy - bring a fitted sheet instead of a regular blanket and put your stuff in the corners. You'll have a sand-free blanket fort like this:   5. Fill 1/4 of a bottle with water,  turn it on its side, and freeze. Then, fill with a beverage of your choice. You now have an icy drink on the go.    

6. Can't find a parking spot? Save your old parking tickets to avoid getting ticketed again (okay, this one may not be so ethical...)

(Charleston's The Digital/Flickr) 

7. Put a cup (or cupcake holder) on the bottom of your popsicle stick to avoid sticky hands. This is especially necessary with the little ones.

8. We can all agree that having water stuck in your ear is the worst. Try blowing into an empty balloon three or four times. It’s like yawning but without the confusing process of trying to make yourself yawn. 

(Bob Prosser/Flickr)
9. Hide your valuables in an old lotion or shampoo bottle like this. Or you could put them in a diaper .