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Azi Paybarah

Paladino Goes After 'Bloomberg Stooges'

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GOP gubernatorial Carl Paladino ramps up his criticism of the Islamic cultural center and mosque near Ground Zero to include...NYC Mayor Bloomberg.

Paladino's statement goes after Bloomberg (who earlier said Paladino won't win this year's race), and doesn't mention the two other gubernatorial candidates he's trying to defeat, GOP opponent Rick Lazio and Democratic candidate Andrew Cuomo.

Here's Paladino:

Today the nine Bloomberg stooges on the Landmarks panel did exactly
as they were told and cleared the way for 13-story insult to all
Americans at Ground Zero. It is especially astounding that Mayor
Bloomberg, who owes his rise to power to 9-11, is fast-tracking this
desecration of the district where thousands of Americans were

Enough talk. New Yorkers want the entire district around the World
Trade Center declared a War Memorial. As governor, Carl Paladino will
do whatever it takes to stop the Ground Zero Mosque - including using
eminent domain."

I'm not sure of the wisdom of drawing Bloomberg, a popular and really rich mayor, into a fight during the gubernatorial campaign. What votes Paladino picks up statewide by making Bloomberg the enemy?

Bloomberg  had indicated earlier he'd stay neutral in the governor's race, but with Cuomo's commanding lead, and Paladino's increasing, um, outspokenness, some might fogive the mayor for putting his thumb on the scale in this race.