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Azi Paybarah

Lazio Hits Cuomo for Silence

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GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio hit his Democratic opponent Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday for not only supporting plans to build an Islamic cultural center and mosque near Ground Zero, but also keeping quiet on the issue.

Here is Lazio's statement, released just now:

"Andrew Cuomo has remained silent on the matter of...investigating the finances of this project, as he was silent on whether to have the trial for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in lower Manhattan. In the absence of leadership from Andrew Cuomo, I will continue to ask the questions about this project that need to be answered to insure the public safety of New Yorkers."

I e-mailed Cuomo's campaign spokesman, Josh Vlasto, for comment about the vote today, and will post an update when I get a response. The vote  cleared the way for the cultural center to be built.