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Azi Paybarah

Saujani Makes an Issue of Rangel's Birthday Party

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The latest person in calling for Rep. Charlie Rangel to step down is Reshma Saujani, the Democratic challenger to Rep. Carolyn Maloney.

And Saujani is roping Maloney into the story.


"Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney should immediately call for the resignation of Congressman Charles Rangel.

"There is a direct connection between New York's jobs crisis and our state's political crisis.  We cannot continue to look the other way as our elected officials continually lower the bar instead of raise it, create scandals instead of solutions, and hold New York back instead of move our city forward.  We cannot continue to tolerate ethical transgressions and economic stagnation in the name of political expediency and loyalty.

"There are reports that Congresswoman Maloney may be attending Congressman Rangel's birthday party next week. But these 13 charges against Congressman Rangel are serious allegations, not cause for a lavish birthday celebration -- and our elected officials should not be joining him.  

"It is time for New York to demand principled leadership and progress. Congressman Rangel has had a long and distinguished career. But that's no reason to excuse his conduct -- or the conduct of any number of entrenched politicians in this city. It is time for Congressman Rangel to step down, and end his career with dignity, as President Obama stated last week. We need to make way for a new generation of leaders committed to a political and economic renaissance in New York."
WNYC reached out to Maloney for a response to Saujani's statement and will provide an update when we hear back from her.
UPDATE: Maloney defends Rangel, sending this statement. "Charlie Rangel is entitled to due process like every other American. And this process is moving forward. He has been an outstanding advocate for New York City."