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Fashion Mashups at Retail DJ

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What does it sound like when an outfit comes together? 

With her site RetailDJ, Wendi Muse lays out a soundtrack to the most mundane of rituals, commanding readers to "get dressed to this."

Started in January 2010, the site matches photos of clothing, shoes and accessories with podcasts and DJ mixes of electronic music from around the globe.  For Muse, putting together an outfit -- with its layers of clothes and accessories -- is the perfect parallel to the mix of songs that comprise a DJ's set. 

The site has a handful of recurring features -- such as the weekly "I <3 Mondays" podcast that Muse says she uses as a form of "reverse psychology" because, as she puts it, "by Monday, I'm half dead."

Fixing your hair in front of a tiny mirror or pawing through an overstuffed closet of clothes are part of the unglamorous underbelly of New York nightlife.  If Wendi Muse has her way, the soundtrack and style suggestions will lend the right inspiration. But after you get dressed?  That's up to you.

Feel like getting dressed to some music yourself?  Check out RetailDJ's July podcast:

Retail DJ July Podcast by RetailDJ