Teenage Suspect Arrested in Recent Staten Island Hate Crime Incident

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Police say they've arrested a suspect in the latest alleged bias attack against Latinos on Staten Island. The NYPD says the suspect is 15 years old and is facing charges of second degree robbery, which includes assault and aggravated harassment as a hate crime.  

Police say they are looking for at least one other suspect in the beating of an 18-year-old Latino man. Earlier reports said four or five people attacked the victim, beating him, robbing him and yelling anti-Mexican slurs. He was treated for injuries and released.

According to police, this is the tenth possible bias attack in Staten Island against a Mexican immigrant since April.

The incident came despite increased police patrols in the Port Richmond neighborhood. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has dismissed installing video surveillance cameras to reduce crime. "If I thought that it was as simple as putting cameras up, I would find some place in the budget to pay for it. It is a lot more complex than that," Bloomberg says.

The NYPD has deployed a 15-person hate crime task force, including two portable SkyWatch towers to conduct surveillance and they have sent officers of Mexican descent to the area.