The Lede: Rangel's Shake, Cuomo's Unions, Thompson's Mail

Rep. Charles Rangel: "I've never gotten a fair shake."

Rep. Mike Arcuri is the first Democrat from NY to say Rangel should resign.

Paterson defends Rangel.

Reps. Rangel and Maxine Waters, of California, decisions to move forward with ethics trials, "puts the interests of these two veteran members of the Congressional Black Caucus at odds with those of their party leaders."

Albany may set a record for the latest state budget.

Daly says Democrats, "knowingly let the [9/11 heath] bill die."

Mayor Bloomberg wants the Bush tax cuts extended.

Bloomberg repeats his denial about a 2012 presidential run, and "failed to elaborate" on the "long-term solutions" he'd like to see, paired with the Bush tax cuts.

WSJ previews the Mayor's new pension investment adviser. The new job directly overlaps with the city comptroller's function.

Vielkind: "Lazio's strategy so far has been to ignore Paladino. So far, it doesn't seem to be working."

Some major unions may duck Cuomo and remain neutral in the governor's race.

Here's more than 6,500 words on Andrew and Mario Cuomo.

Mario tried curtailing his son's "bedroom activity" by moving in with him.

ADL's Foxman defends his group's opposition to the Islamic mosque and cultural center near Ground Zero: "The fact that bigots agree with your position doesn't make you a bigot."

The center is expected to clear a major hurdle Tuesday.

Tina Brown explains the importance of Chelsea's wedding: it reminds us of the Clinton-era prosperity.

State Senator Antoine Thompson sent 1,162,866 pieces of mail since January 2008, or 1,633 pieces of mail on an average day.

Thompson went from having two staffers, to eleven.

Latest bias crime victim on Staten Island "is trained to help others combat bias."

NYC may spend $5.7 million on food.

Reshuffling: AP moves to Helen Thomas' seat, Fox gets AP's old front-row seat; NPR gets Fox's old second-row seat.

Reviewing Amanpour: challenging.

Rep. Barney Frank stands by his veiled insult of comedian Kathy Griffin.

The Post hits Vance for going easy on a violent crime suspect.

And here's Bloomberg on Meet the Press, discussing 2012.