Relentless Minimalism


This New Sounds program hails the return of the long out-of-print KMH: Music in the Continuous Mode, a remarkable blend of technical virtuosity and relentless minimalism from the Ukrainian/Canadian composer Lubomyr Melnyk.

Melnyk's music is dramatic enough for the stage yet meditative enough for deep listening, an approach he developed while working with dancer/choreographer Carolyn Carlson in Paris during the 1970's.  Somehow lush and full, his pianistic minimalism is executed at a speed that suggests multiple pianos playing together in harmony. Also on the show, Philip Glass's musical portrait of Chuck Close, and other keyboard works.

PROGRAM # 2824, New Music for Piano (First aired on Thurs. 7-17-08)





Bruce Levingstone

Glass Ravel Messiaen Satie

A Musical Portrait of Chuck Close [12:00]

Orange Mountain Music #0025***

James Blackshaw

Litany of Echoes

Gate of Ivory [5:30]

Tompkins Square #4783***

Lubomyr Melnyk


Part 2 [9:00]

Unseen Worlds #02*

Piccolo Accademia Degli Specchi


Wim Mertens: 4 Mains [3:00]
Matteo Sommacal: Nessuno Ascolta il Cane di Ceramico [11:00]
Counter Rotating In Vacuum [5:00] OR