The Department of Expert Pontification

Here's an unsolicited PR pitch I received and that may not be entirely ignorable:

The Invisible Gorilla authors, Chris Chabris and Daniel Simons, recently penned an op-ed piece that ran in the Chicago Tribune last weekend that talks about the possibility that politicians don’t intend to lie, they just might remember it wrong. The cognitive psychologists can talk about how politicians regularly embellish their records. When their exaggerations are uncovered, they are accused of intentionally deceiving voters in a premeditated attempt to polish their public images. Are these misstatements necessarily deliberate lies? Are all politicians mentally deranged self-promoters? Some of them may be. In many cases though, they might actually be the victims rather than the victimizers.
Recent political stories that they can speak of:
Republican Senate candidate in Illinois, Mark Kirk
Democratic Senate candidate in Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal
Hillary Clinton (sniper story)