Unleashing the Saujanis, Taylors

Andy Hawkins kicks the ball down the field:

Some think that if [challenger Reshma] Saujani can win at least 40 percent of the vote against [Rep. Carolyn] Maloney, then it will unleash a flurry of interest in her kind of insurgent candidate: young, tech-friendly and no enemy of Wall Street.

[Sen. Kirsten] Gillibrand, though a prodigious fundraiser in her own right, is still seen as vulnerable to a challenge. Some of the thinking surrounding [Diana] Taylor’s future assumes that as the end of [Mayor] Bloomberg’s term nears, the two will get married, providing a lavish, if unofficial, launch to Taylor’s hardly secret political ambitions ahead of 2012. Or smaller scale: the Maloney paranoia has Taylor, or perhaps her compatriot Maureen White—who have both been twisting arms furiously to kick up opposition to Maloney—using Saujani as a stalking horse for their own Congressional ambitions next time around.