Bloomberg Tackles 'Instant News' Problem, Skips 2012

Maybe I"m guilty of paying too much attention to this storyline, but the other newsy nugget out of Bloomberg's radio show this morning: he doesn't want to run for president in 2012.

"I’m going to support the president as much as I can. We need a successful president -- I think Republicans and Democrats should do that. And then as you get near the end of this president’s first term, if you want to run against him, I don’t. but if you did, or want to support somebody else, that’s fine. But this country has to pull together."

The mayor also offered this criticims of the modern media landscape, which, desipte his growing dominance, he doesn't seem to like.

"This instant news. They walk up to you, stick a microphone in front of you and say, 'Okay John, what do you say about this. You have to say something. You say something, and later on, you find out the facts were different. Oops." And: "The bloggers, to add on top of this. They write things that in some cases literally aren’t true. There’s no editing. There’s no accountability."